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Just Woodland Friends Country Introductions is a more traditional country-dating agency.

Genuine Introductions for : Country Lovers; Farmers; Horse Lovers; Pet Lovers; Dog Lovers; Animal, Nature and Wildlife Lovers. Plus Country Sporting folk. With many happy matches throughout the UK for 23 years.

Free registration and free member preview to suit you.

Contact Polly and your personal preview will be sent directly to you.

Join for 6 months and get a further 6 months free!

Information and Contacts are sent directly to you - by post or email.

Photos are optional; we keep your photo on file, sending it directly to individual members who request a copy.

For a brochure and a free preview of possible matches, don’t forget to mention your age,
Contact Polly: 08453 70 81 80.
Enquiries neigh problem!

Text your postal address to - 07907 852 234.

Email: enquiry@justwoodlandfriends.com

To join on line, click Join Now and follow along.

Use the links at the top of the page to browse the details of our service.

I look forward to welcoming you as a member soon !

More than just internet dating.

What if someone you have never seen, never heard of, and never spoken to is the only one for you?

Woodland Friends could be the answer.

Click HERE to join now.

Just Woodland Friends Country Introductions has a simple mission - to provide a friendly but effective introduction service, matching  people who have interests in country living and rural activities. We have been successfully doing this for twenty years!  Use the links at the top of the page to browse the details of our service.  For your free member preview, just email to enquiry@justwoodlandfriends.com, call 08453 70 81 80 or text your postal address to 07907 852 234.

You are invited to send us a photo of yourself; it isn’t compulsory, it’s your choice. You can send it in by post or email and, at your request, we will forward it to members free of charge. Very often our members swop photos directly between themselves using their phones, email or post.

Just Woodland Friends is a member of the Association of British Introduction Agencies and abides by its code of practice which is approved by the office of fair trading. www.abia.org.uk

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